You are a district collector of in Tamilnadu state. On your visit to a remote village you come across some mounds which are worshipped by the locals. Having some exposure to archaeology, you consider to check the mound and from the first glabce you establish that the mound can throw some great deal of evidence .What would you consider as action/observations among the following are good/correct?

1) Vertical digging will be better option than horizontal digging as it will give a good chronological sequence of material culture.
2) Though curious, your hopes are not high because climate can be detrimental to the state of preservation in this region.
3) You are considering to do radio carbon dating as few fossils of animal and humans are found at the site.
4) Radio carbon dating , as you recall , consideres C14 carbon isotope which is a radioactive element , found in all living objects and usually neutralized by absorption of C14 through air and food in living beings, however upon death the decay starts at an uniform rate with a half-life of around 4558 years.

Which among the following statements are NOT correct :-

1)Alexander’s invasion finds no mention in Indian sources
2)Prince Sandrokottas is identified with Chandragupta
3)Megasthenes Indica is free from credulity and exaggeration
4)Ptolemy wrote Periplus of Erythrean sea which gives account of roman trade and red sea

Consider the following statements regarding Jainism and Jain literature :-

1)Jainism did not recognize the existence of God
2)Jainism does not believe in cycle of life-death-rebirth
3)Full knowledge, action and liberation are considered to be the three gems or ratnas of Jainism
4)Religious literature of Jainism were written in Ardhamagadhi

Which of the above statements are correct ?.

Consider the statements regarding Buddhism :-

1)The Buddha’s first sermon, delivered in the Deer Park of Sarnath, just outside Varanasi, is known as dharmachakra- pravartana, or “setting the Wheel of Law in motion,”
2)Buddhist teaching places greater emphasis on individual reform than social reform
3)In 1956 , Buddhism entered a new phase, when B. R. Ambedkar administered Buddhist vows to the low caste masses in their quest for a new world order .

Which above the statements is/are NOT correct ?

Mahabharat may have happened before Ramayan because :-

1) The centre of political gravity in Mahabharat was was upper Gangetic valley where as in case of ramayan it was shifted to middle Ganga valley
2) Strong women character in Mahabharat
3) Practice of Niyoga(Levirate)

Which of the statement is/are correct ?

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